Physical Medicine Management Alliance

The Physical Medicine Management Alliance (PMMA) is a NASHO Board Committee that consists of organizations representing care management companies who specialize in physical medicine, musculoskeletal care and wellness. These organizations focus on partnering with provider specialists to facilitate care delivered via specialty services that include, but are not limited to, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Podiatry, Speech Therapy and Integrative Care.

PMMA Provides:

  • Industry leadership and guidance in musculoskeletal and therapeutic care management 
  • Singular, authoritative voice representing common interests
  • Robust advocacy at the federal and state legislative and regulatory levels
  • Influence and input on public policy
  • Insights and opportunities for dialogue between industry leaders
  • Educational and marketing efforts focused on promoting the value proposition of evidence-based conservative care to stakeholders
  • Collaboration with synergistic associations (e.g., AAPAN, NAVCP, HNA) to leverage advocacy efforts

PMMA’s Mission

PMMA members believe in the value of physical medicine delivered under a conservative care model with demonstrated efficacy in generating quality outcomes. PMMA advocates for the vital role that management organizations play in that delivery process by promoting access, facilitating collaboration and enhancing choice. PMMA members focus on spreading this value message through:  high-level advocacy on the Hill, grassroots and social media marketing, industry articles, white papers, speaking opportunities and other pipelines.

Goals and Objectives

  • Be the definitive source for physical medicine and therapeutic care delivery standards in a manner consistent with PMMA’s overall philosophy in order to maximize quality and patient outcomes 
  • Raise the profile of integrated physical medicine and conservative care pathways through consumer messaging and consumer engagements
  • Facilitate access to physical medicine and therapeutic services through expansion of healthcare benefits
  • Pursue research studies which validate the integrative, evidence-based conservative care proposition
  • Provide educational support for providers, members and community advocacy groups on how a collaborative approach can benefit all parties

Latest News

PMMA Joins Washington Leaders in Fight Against Opioid Abuse
The Physical Medicine Management Alliance (PMMA), a subsidiary of the National Association of Specialty Health Organizations (NASHO), recently convened with several congressional leaders and offices to discuss effective strategies for reducing opioid abuse and addiction.

Member Organizations