The Hearing Network Alliance (HNA) is a NASHO Council that brings together senior leaders of hearing health networks. The Hearing Network Alliance (HNA) was created at the January 2011 Board Meeting of the National Association of Specialty Health Organizations with five founding members.

HNA provides:

  • Advocacy for field of hearing health care, and hearing benefits specifically
  • Insights, exchange of ideas between industry leaders
  • Leadership standards for the industry
  • Education and communication internally and communicating value to external stakeholders

Who is HNA?
HNA members share a common belief that hearing services are essential to good health and consumer quality of life.  HNA is an organization of network based hearing organizations dedicated to increasing access to hearing health benefits and services.  HNA  and its member organizations work closely with health plans, employers and insurance organizations to improve access to hearing aid benefits and services.  Our members share a common interest in conveying the value of hearing and hearing health care as a health benefit, and we offer efficient products and networks that enable better consumer access to these services.

Policy Priorities
HNA’s priorities are:

  1. Increasing awareness of the value of hearing benefits to the public, health plans, and health care providers.  We emphasize the important link between having a health care health benefit, being treated for hearing loss, and improved hearing outcomes.  Hearing correction improves productivity, health, and quality of life.
  2. Ensuring hearing benefit availability in insurance plans
  3. Demonstrating the contribution of hearing networks to access to hearing benefits
  4. Ensuring efficient operations of hearing networks to enable these networks to be competitive in the market place and thus increase access to hearing health services
  5. Supporting hearing networks in improving and strengthening relationships with hearing care providers.  
  6. Serving as a primary informational resource on hearing care networks 

Healthy hearing promotes overall well-being at every stage of life – it facilitates cognitive and language/speech development throughout childhood, positively influences work productivity and lifetime earnings during our working years, and reduces risk of dementia and depression.


Member Organizations

American Hearing Benefits
AudioNET America
Demant Group Services
TruHearing Inc.

Unitedhealthcare Hearing

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